01.09 - 10.09
I'll be at a sea vacation with my family, so my posts are gonna be under queue and the blog will be in hiatus for 10 days.
I'm Konstanca, 18 years old, from Bulgaria. Pianist, loving old hollywood, period dramas, and Scandinavia.

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Grey's Anatomy S04, Outlander S01 and Lost S02

Vampire Academy: Spirit Bound (book 5)
I used to make gifs and edits, but I start uni in October, and I'll be very busy so I won't be able to make stuff as often as I did before.

Thank you so much for the beautiful birthday wishes! I’m so happy for having you as my friends, you are awesome and made me so thrilled today! ❤️

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hey from where do you get these little gif kawaii emojis that you put in your posts sometimes?

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today is gonna be a nice birthday, it has to be a very nice birthday!

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thank you so much for your sweet thoughtful birthday wishes, you are awesome guys! i’m truly trilled!

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vaerity said:
happy birthday love! have an amazing day! xx

thank you so much! ❤️

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mikkelsem said:
the happiest of birthdays to you, konstanca ♡

thank you so much dear helena!(✿◠‿◠)

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happy birthday, darling!!! i hope you have an absolutely incredible day :)

thank you luiza, you’re such a darling! 💖

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